Saahil Parekh

Hello! I am Saahil Parekh.

I have always been deeply passionate about understanding and solving the problem that faces our planet. Over the past 3 years, I have focussed my energy and efforts in the food sector as an entrepreneur and as a researchers.

In this year, I am learning and working with organisations in Europe in the local food sector. I am currently based in Berlin as a German Chancellor Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. My project for the fellowship is “Leaders of Local Food Systems”.

Before coming to Berlin, I was an entrepreneur in India and the founder of Khetify, an urban farming venture in New Delhi that made good food accessible to people. Khetify’s various initiatives have won several awards – membership of India’s first smart-city focussed accelerator programme and Lufthansa’s Runway to Success, among many others. During its operation, we were enabling 200 homes to grow their food with our urban farming system and maintenance services and ran a small hydroponics farm that delivered fresh produce to nearby residents.

Before Khetify, I was a Research Associate at The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI). I worked on 2 year-long projects there – one, a pan India study of public perception of energy through surveys and discussions, and two, a macroeconomic model of India’s climate change policy.

I am also a thought leader and have written about several contemporary issues in India from an economist’s perspective. Along with several publications on multiple media portals, a lot of my writing can be found on my column Arthashastra on Business Standard about topics like climate change, renewable energy, automation, loss of jobs and urban food systems.